5 Ways to Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Sometimes, we can spend so much time trying to find ways to have healthier hair, that we overlook the fact that our hair can also get damaged while we’re sleeping.

Here are 5 things you can do to protect your beautiful hair while you sleep:

1. Brush your hair before going to sleep

This will help minimize knots and tangles in the morning. Combing your hair at night will improve the blood circulation and help you get better sleep. Not to mention how quickly you can get ready the next morning!


2. Braid your hair loosely

Twist and turn your hair up anyway you like, this will help your hair be in place every time you toss and turn at night. Make sure you keep your braid loose, a tight hairstyle is the worst thing for your hair. Don’t pull your hair when you braid it up, that’s one of the reasons that causes hair fall. Options are endless: side braid, two pig-tail braids, rope braid, dutch braid…Pick your favourite!


3. Use a silk or satin pillow case

This material is a lot less rough on the hair than regular pillowcases, reducing the damage to your hair.The cotton pillowcases can absorb moisture from your hair and also lead to knots. The smooth surfaces of a silk pillowcase can keep your hair tangle free and silk is not as absorbent.


4. Avoid using elastic bands

Tight hair bands are the worst thing for your hair overnight. Elastic bands cause a lot of damage to your hair, they can cause hair breakage and put stress on your roots.Use clips instead of your bands whenever possible. Use a soft scrunchie and tie your ponytail bun very lightly at the top of your head.


5. Sleep With Dry Hair

We highly recommend sleeping with dry hair – wet hair is very delicate and is much more prone to freezing and breaking, wet hair is prone to breakage and gets frizzy easily. Use a blow dryer on low heat, or simply towel dry your hair to remove the excess water.


Following these easy steps is so important, because it will ensure that you are keeping your hair as healthy as possible, even while you sleep.


Do you have any tips and tricks on how to maintain healthy and tangle-free hair while you sleep? How do you keep your hair at night? We’d love to hear from you 🙂


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Ombre Hair: 5 Reasons To Try It

Ombre, which means shaded in French, is a coloring technique where blocks of hair are colored in shades ranging from dark to light. Hair coloring begins away from the roots beginning with the darkest color at the top and finishing with the lightest color at the bottom.


Ombre hair isn’t anything new: the hair trend has been around for years now, yet it’s remained a popular style among celebrities and beauty bloggers alike. Why? Here are our top 5 reasons to try the Ombre hair trend, especially for the warmer months:

  1. Ombre Hair Is Fun & Stylish

Solid hair shades are great, but sometimes, it can get a little boring… don’t we all have our moments when we want to change things up?! Well Ombre hair is one of the most subtle ways to do that, while still seeing the difference. You can either go with a very subtle transition between the shades – like a darker brown to a lighter brown, or a more drastic Ombre look – like a dark brown to a blonde, or even contrast two very different bright shades of your choice (like black with red, or blonde with purple, blue – whatever you like). Besides, Ombre is very trendy and gives more dimension to your hair.


  1. Ombre Hairstyles Always Look Good

If the two selected shades complement each other well, the Ombre effect will give more life and dimension to your hair. Especially when creating hairstyles, the Ombre portion will make the details stand out a lot more and make the hairstyle so much prettier. Even simple braids look so great with the colour transition. .You’ll enjoy the varied styles, and it literally goes with any kind of make-up style that you want. Just take a look at the photos below:


  1. Ombre Hair Is Low Maintenance

When it comes to coloring your hair, the main challenge we all face is maintaining our new hue for as long as possible. Instead of colouring all of your hair and having to maintain your roots by constant touch-ups, the beauty of Ombre is that you don’t have to worry about your roots AT ALL. Because the color change with the ombre hair technique starts halfway down your strands, you’ll never need to revisit the salon for a root touch-up – making it the perfect dye job for all you time-poor ladies out there!


  1. Safe and Easy to Transition From

As the ombré trend focuses on changing the hair color of the bottom half of your strands, you won’t have to subject your hair to as much trauma as you would if you were to dye your whole head. Yes, the ends of your hair may become more dry and damaged after the use of hair dye or bleach, but the top section and your roots won’t.

Have you ever wanted a change, but you were uncertain if it would suit you? Or dying all your hair seemed like too much of a commitment? Why Ombre is great in this regard, is because it’s literally just half the hair that you would be trying it out on, which is a baby step. And, to look on the bright side, if you’re no longer feeling it, you can always slowly trim it off as your hair grows out.

  1. Get Ombre Hair Without Damage

Best part, is that there is a way to get the Ombre look without having to colour your hair – Ombre Weave Hair Extensions. Fast, convenient and has many choices for you.


There you go, the top five reasons to try Ombre Hair. Did you love Ombre hair? Or you want try it? What is your favourite hairstyle to wear with Ombre? Share you comments with us, we always love hearing from you.


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The 5 Best Oils For Your Hair


Hair oils are a favorite of beauty experts everywhere, and for good reason. They’re full of essential fatty acids and they’re lubricating, which means they’re great for healing split ends, sealing in moisture, and detangling. These natural oils will add moisture and shine to your hair, they will nourish the scalp helping to reduce dry, flaky skin,  they will help to get rid of dandruff, and they will aid faster and healthier hair growth – all without the use of expensive cosmetics or dangerous chemicals!

In this article, we’re going to five the best oils for hair.

  1. Best for thin hair: avocado oil. Avocado oil, like avocados themselves, contains proteins, healthy fats, amino acids and vitamins A, D, E and B6. The proteins will help fill in damaged airs in your hair’s cuticles, repairing damage that’s already been done and preventing future breakage and frizz. Avocado oil is strong and thick, so it is most effective when used on medium to thick hair.


  1. Best for thick or curly hair: Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is one of the most powerful oils in the world. Coconut oil is high in vitamin E and other nutrients, and your hair can absorb them all. The result will be hair that is thicker, shiner, healthier and has stronger roots. It also contains lauric and capric acid, which have amazing antimicrobial powers – meaning it will make your hair and scalp healthier and prevent dandruff, itchy scalp and infections.


  1. Best for color-treated hair: marula oil. If you dye your hair a lot, you probably already know that water is your natural enemy, but the good news is you can definitely use anything naturally derived on your hair, so don’t be afraid to use oils to moisturize, condition, and add shine. Marula oil is lean but not too syrupy, he says. Plus, its makeup is very close to the natural oils your body produces, it’s rich in vitamins C and E, and it’s fast-absorbing, so it goes on easily and seals your cuticle to lock in moisture for satiny, frizz-free locks.


  1. Best for a dry or oily scalp: tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it the best oil for hair when it comes to detoxifying your hair follicles. The tea tree oil will help to unclog the pores on your scalp; reviving the follicles, and encouraging circulation for faster, and stronger hair growth. Tea tree oil’s antifungal and antibacterial properties mean it’s great not just for getting rid of excess oils, but also for getting rid of the dead skin cells that can cause dandruff.


5. Best for dry hair: argan oil. It contains lots of vitamin E, Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, and antioxidants, all of which do amazing things for damaged, dry, coarse or otherwise unmanageable hair. Just a few drops or argan oil will protect your hair from heat, nourish and moisturize it, which will reduce dry and brittle hair, and also reduce the frizziness, leaving your hair soft and manageable.


Let us know in the comments below – which oils you’ve tried, which ones are your faves, and what tips you have for us! We love sharing with you and hearing your feedback.


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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Remy Hair Extensions

Cesare Safieh, a popular stylist, says that “A hairstyle can make or break your look”. Long hair has always been a quotient for style and fashion. However, it takes a long time to grow the hair to a considerable length. Besides, the care and maintenance required for the purpose is another challenging thing. ….And many other reasons, but here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Remy Hair Extensions:

  1. Remy Hair Extensions Allow You to Experiment

Every woman wants to try different hairstyles, but when that involves cutting hair that has been painstakingly grown out over several months to a year, the thought of cutting her hair can make her think twice before taking that irreversible step. But what if she could try that short hairstyle without having to cut her hair? With short extensions, a woman can try short styles without the need to cut her long hair. If a woman has short hair and wants to experience the allure of long hair, she can buy extensions that can be clipped into the hair for a night out, then easily removed when she is ready to go back to her shorter style.


  1. Remy Hair Extensions Can Be Coloured and Cut Like Natural Hair

With human hair extensions, a woman can try out a new shade without resorting to using a permanent dye. She can also try various highlights with extensions. These sections of coloured hair can be used whenever she want a different look, and the highlighted extensions can be easily removed when she is done with them. Instead of colouring hair with permanent dye that will last for several weeks, she can clip in and out coloured extensions for a bold look whenever she wants to.


  1. Remy Hair Extensions Let You Style Hair in Any Fashion You Like

Because of the high quality of some hair extensions, many types of hair extensions can now be styled like natural hair. A woman can create fashionable updos or simply enjoy the longer, wavy hair afforded by hair extensions. She can feel free to colour, style, or even cut remy hair extenson if she chooses, because hair extensions are versatile to wear and style, making them a welcome addition for anyone who wants to try different hairstyles without having to wait for their natural hair to grow out.


  1. No Damage

Yup – that’s right! One of the best things about hair extensions is that it causes absolutely no damage to your hair whatsoever, unlike other hair extension alternatives like tape-ins and bonding which can prevent hair growth and cause damage to your hair.


  1. Remy Hair Extensions Help You Look Younger

As they get older, many women cut their hair for convenience sake. But the truth is that longer hair is equated with youth, and that youthful look can be achieved with remy hair extenson. Many older women have thin hair that is limp and unattractive. With extensions, hair will not just appear fuller, it will actually feel that way too.


  1. Ease of Use

Let’s be honest – we’ve all been in that situation where you’re trying to decide whether it’s worth waking up early to put that extra effort into your hair, versus sleeping in an extra 30 minutes. The awesome thing about remy hair extenson? It takes literally no time to clip in and how you style it is up to you. With remy hair extensions, you can save time trying to look good.


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