Reasons You Should Embrace Your Curls

 There are many reasons why you love a curly hair, these are the five reasons we give, hope it can convince you


  1. Curls will save you time.

Every curly headed girl knows that washing curls hair daily, is a definite no-no. Curly hair is naturally drier hair, and over washing it can lead to a dry, frizzy mess. Since we only need to wash our hair every two to three days, that leaves us extra time to get more important things done. There’s more extra time to spend doing things other than our hair!

Curly hair doesn’t take as much effort to do each day as other hair types. There’s no blow drying, flat ironing, or “styling” that is needed to look good. A beautiful, healthy head of curls is naturally full of body and life all its own. Maybe a little touch of coconut or grapeseed oil, and you’re ready to go!


  1. Curls help you stand out.

In a sea of straight hair, curls are different, special, and exotic.Curls represent personality, youth, and self-confidence (think Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Beyoncé). Special, Curly Hair is Sexy.Most men will agree that long curly hair is flat out sexy. All you need to do is run a Google image search for the phrase “Sexy Hair,” and you will find that over 95% of the women that appear, have super wavy or curly hair. It is a mixture of full body and curves that give that sultry look to any woman confident enough to wear them.Just try it. See what happens.


  1. Curls act as a free accessory.

Curly hair is the finishing touch to any outfit. Pair them with a maxi and you’re a bohemian goddess. Wear them with jeans and a white tee and you look effortlessly sexy. Curly Hair is Naturally Elegant, throw a barrette or a bobby pin in your hair, or put it in a quick bun with a soft scrunchie, and voila! You and your curly tresses are ready to attend any formal occasion.


  1. Curls are Wild and Free.

Along with that youthful spirit of adventure, the wearer of the natural curl gives off a sense of self-assuredness. For the curly haired woman who wears her hair with pride, she exudes an air of confidence and freedom. She knows who she is and she shares it liberally; making her more attractive and intriguing to others. The curly haired woman radiates comfort, compassion, and understanding. People gain an immediate sense that this is a person that is relaxed and comfortable with who they are. Big curly hair subconsciously sends out a message to others, that you are kind and approachable.

  1. Some other interesting reasons:

If someone can’t remember your name they’ll describe you as “the curly one.” Sounds much better than e.g. the tall one, short one, or the one with the glasses!

  • No one else – not even another curly – has exactly the same hair as you do, which makes you unique.
  • Many straight-haired women wish to have curly hair and thus curl their hair with a curling iron every day or even do perms!
  • You don’t need a hairstyle, your curls already are a hairstyle themselves.
  • Whenever you meet another curly you sure have a nice topic to talk about!


Do you like curly hair or you want a curly hair, Please share with us, We would love to hear your suggestions.


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