Care hair methods for each type of curly hair form

The key to have a beautiful curly hair is not only based on technology after few hours in salon hair but also your own daily hair care methods and hair styling. One of the fundamental principle of caring and styling for curly hair is understanding clearly the mode of hair wave. It is obvious that for different forms of curled weave, you need different hair care methods.

  1. Wavy form

This hair form looks very gentle and natural. The big curls are about 5cm in diameter and do not spit apart. The short wavy hair is quite similar to the straight one and with the long wavy hair has curlier waves. Though this wavy form is easy to change to straight hair, frequent abuse will make your hair lose water and easy to be damaged. To avoid losing the natural hair oil of the curly hair, you had better wash your hair at most three times a week. It is necessary to keep the curly lines if you do not want your hair become straight like before. To do this, you can apply a bit gel on the hair tail after washing the whole hair.


  1. Normal curled form

The curls are about from 2.5 to 4 cm in diameter and they are split from each other. This type of hair is very prone to be ruffled and difficult to be in curly lines, which makes your hair look like tangled. Spiral hair form makes hair cuticles always open and and easy to lack needed humidity. However, you only need to moisturize your hair correctly and then curls are willing to “obey”. With short hair, this curled form looks thick as ruffled hair. With this hair style, washing the hair 1-2 times per week is highly recommended. It is also necessary to choose the effective moisturizing products for curly hair, for example, products that contain natural protein like Keratin, which is easy to penetrate deeply into the hair strands and make the hair smoothier. You should apply these products far from the scalp about 5cm.


  1. Curly form

It is the kind of curly hair for which we find it difficult to care due to its very small curls with diameter about 1-2 cm. The thick and small curls make hair cuticles easy to be dry and damaged when being styled by heat, chemicals, sunshine, and by air pollution, … When straightening hair strand, you will see it with S-shape or Z-shape. For this hair style, after shampooing, you should restrict using comb or hair dryer since they will make your curly hair lose curls and easy to be straightened. You can use your hand to stroke your hair gently.


Despite owning what curly hair type among three above forms, you need to  know effective care methods for your hair. Let spend more time and effort to have a perfect curly hair. How do you care for curly hair? Share you comments with us, we always love hearing from you.


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