5 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair


1.Rustic braided hairstyle

If you have highlighted hair, you’re going to need to think about the impact it will have when you have your hair up, even if you’re only looking at having half of your hair up.


If the highlights are on the top of your head, your hair will look much darker underneath, so you might find that the style doesn’t really work with what you’re looking for. There are ways around this, of course, and it doesn’t necessarily mean looking at another wedding hairstyle entirely. You could ask your regular stylist to add a few lowlights, and highlights underneath the regular top-level of hair.

2.  Bohemian half updo with braids and flowers

If you love flowers, why restrict them to just table centrepieces and bridal or bridesmaid bouquets? Just one or two beautiful buds “stolen” from your wedding day flowers could make the difference between a beautiful wedding hairstyle, and an absolutely outstanding one.



This just goes to show that you can use larger flowers, and not just smaller sprigs such as baby’s breath, in your romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair. It’s not too much, ties everything in with your flowers all around the place, and just adds a little something really beautiful to your hair … don’t you think?

3. Messy braided updo

When you’re sitting down with your stylist for your hair trial, get a friend to come with you. You are going to want them to take photos of you from all different angles so that you have a good idea of what you’ll look like on the big day.


You’ll also have a chance to show your makeup artist the hairstyle you’re having, so the two can work hand in hand together. You should book your stylist about six moths before the big day, preferably longer, and the hair trial should be about 4 to 6 weeks ahead.

4. Messy fishtail braid

Fishtail braids use four strands of hair, rather than three, which instantly makes them so much harder to do than they are. Most people find these fishtail braids easier to do on their own hair than French braids, so if you’re looking for a way to save some bucks, consider doing your own wedding hair.


Again, it doesn’t take a lot of work, or practice, to achieve a simple look like this messy fishtail braid, and if you start early enough, you have plenty of time to practice. Two braids have been used to create this look – one at the top using the crown piece of hair, wrapped into a messy bun, and the rest braided, pulled out a touch, and then secured so that it falls down the back.

5. Super romantic

It looks like Disney princess hair, which makes it perfect for when you’re on the hunt for romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair. When you have length on your side, it makes sense to use it to your advantage.


You can achieve a million and one more looks than you would have been able to achieve with short hair, so perhaps it’s time to look at some of the alternatives to the free-flowing wavy locks that you traditionally see.

When it comes to your wedding day, getting those final details right is important, and often those are the details that get forgotten about in the midst of the big frenzy. Make sure that you leave enough time to get in a trial, and plenty of consultation chats, with your hair stylist.

Above all else, have a little fun. Let your personality shine through in your romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair. Hopefully we’ve given you plenty of inspiration to do just that!


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