The ultimate summer hair accessory guide

Nearly one more month until summer is officially here. Are you ready?! We understand if you’re so ready for summer to be here already, because we’re getting excited too. Besides coming up with incredible hairdos, new silhouettes that you can’t wait to show off, and spending the best moments with friends, don’t forget about hair accessories! A hair accessory can be added to a hairstyle easy and compliment the most stylish of outfits.

A Classic Bow

No hair toolbox would be complete without a classic bow. Use a big bow or a small bow, and make sure it matches the rest of your ensemble. Choose something vibrant, so it matches your beautiful personality. This one is easy to put in your natural hair or your hair extensions, double it up for double the fun! You can never have enough bows with all of the flavors available.

Yoga Headband

Yes, summer is a great time to get your fit on, and what better way to go to Yoga class then by wearing a chic Yoga headband. And yes, we know what you are thinking. If your hair and hair extensions haven’t been washed — let’s say — for 5 days, a headband like this will be perfect to hide those greasy roots. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone your secret.

A Simple Headband

Nothing says elegance like a beautiful headband. It’s super easy to accessorize with it too, simply get a matching bracelet and you’ve made any outfit complete. Now, we couldn’t even begin to count the endless number of headbands we’d recommend, but to add one in all you need to do is pull back your hair extensions and slide it over. It’ll keep your hair in place and have you looking like the true queen that you are.

Wrapping a Scarf Around a Messy Bun

For some added style, try wrapping a head scarf around a messy bun. Not only will it add some colorable fashion to your hairstyle, it’ll become your go to style this summer when you don’t feel like doing your hair. A hair accessory can become your winning ticket to feeling beautiful because you’re trying something fresh and new.

Wrapping a Scarf behind Natural Hair

Looking for different scarf tricks? This one is easy for natural hair or if you have a weave hair extension. Simply pull you hair up a bit and wrap a nice silk scarf behind your head. You’ll have a simple, beautiful, elegant look in a matter of no time. This is a timeless classic that works with all hair types. You must try it!

Hanging Chain Headband

if you want to be Coachella fabulous,  try adding some hanging chains to your hairstyle. This is the perfectly dramatic enhancement to give you this free-bird feelings. You’ll need the following: A circular headband, silver and gold chains, jump rings, and beading pliers. It’s super easy to create this piece yourself. Make sure you whip up your own hanging chain headband, no summer is complete without it.

Flower Crown

You don’t have to live in the 70’s for this evergreen look. A flower crown makes you one with Mother nature. She’s beautiful, so you should wear her! It’s the most natural hair accessory ever, and you’d be missing out if you didn’t wear one every once in a while. This is biodegradable fashion with color and texture. It’ll be a big hit.

This summer is yours for the taking, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new hairstyles, accessories, and looking and feeling your very best. Try Vietnamese hair extensions add some volume and length for your hair and have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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