All about beautiful ponytails

Ponytails are a hair style that are not only trendy, but are a look that can be considered classy or laid back too. If you have shorter hair and would prefer to have a ponytail extension, well you are in luck! We offer ponytails hair extensions 100% natural vietnam human hair, silk, soft, shining and thin grain, no chemical, unprocessed, tangle free.

You might be wondering which ponytail hair extensions are appropriate to wear to a certain event. Perhaps you have a work event coming up, are going camping, or just want a ponytail hair do while going out with your girlfriends. Perfect locks will explain in this post what kind of ponytail is appropriate for certain events, which will help guide you in the right direction.

If you are headed to a work function or have a meeting the next day, wearing a  ponytails hair extensions similar to the ad you see on the right is both  appropriate and stylish. Use your shorter hair when creating a “mini” ponytail to create a bump at the top of your head while creating body. Then blow dry your bangs with a round brush so they are all set to go in the morning. During and after, depending on the products you need, use a variety of hair care products to style your hair. Purchase our Straight Human Hair Ponytail to create your instant work hair style. If you want your  ponytails hair extensions flipped at the end, simply use a curling iron or flat iron to flip up your ponytail’s bottom layers.

Heading out with your girlfriends for a night out on the town is always something to look forward to. You don’t want to over dress because you are with your girlfriends, but you still would like to look nice because you finally get some freedom! Our ponytails hair extensions wavy has interlocking that allow you to add a ponytail to your existing look. Ponytails hair extensions wavy symbolize fun, freedom, and independence.

If you even want a curlier look we also offer our ponytail hair extensions curly. Curls are appropriate for a fancy occasion, or even a camping occasion. The amazing thing about curls is that they dress you up or down. With our ponytail hair extensions curly, you can take your curls on the go. Forget about a curling iron!

Ponytail hair extensions are the perfect solution to creating a hair style that is easy to do and is very low maintenance. As we mentioned before, use your shorter locks to your advantage by hiding them under your ponytail by twisting them into a bun or short ponytail under your new curls, waves, or straight ponytail hair extensions do. Have fun during your night out with your new ponytail hair extensions!


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