Common Aftercare Mistakes Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a quick, easy, and affordable way of changing your look, extending your hair length and adding volume in an instant.  Increasing in popularity year or year, hair extensions are now becoming an essential part of a woman’s hair and beauty routine however what many fail to realise before purchasing hair extensions are the key changes in your aftercare routine that will need to be adapted, to ensure your beautiful new locks stay gorgeous throughout the time you are wearing them.

When it comes to hair extension aftercare there are often common mistakes that are made that are easily avoidable with the right knowledge and advice, and here we will go through the top 5 most commonly made mistakes and how to look after your hair extensions more effectively.

  1. Sleeping With Wet Hair Extensions

A very common mistake that is often made by hair extension wearers is falling asleep before your hair extensions have fully dried.  Doing this will result in your bonds becoming tangled over time, which will feel very uncomfortable and make your hair extensions difficult to maintain, resulting in them having to be removed early.  Always ensure that your hair extensions are completely dry before going to bed to keep your bonds beautiful and tangle free.

  1. Hair Extension Wearers Must Use The Correct Aftercare Products

On the subject of aftercare, it is very common for those purchasing hair extensions to not invest in the correct aftercare products, and this can cause problems with your hair extensions.  Using a product not suitable for hair extensions may result in the hair becoming dry or damaged, and may affect the quality of your hair extension bonds as detailed above.  Always ensure that you have purchased the recommended products to ensure that your hair extensions stay looking and feeling beautiful.

  1. Not being mindful of your eating habits

The foods you put into your body are reflected in your hair, skin, and nails. Food that carries B6 and B12 vitamins like rice, peppers, and strawberries help create red blood cells, which makes hair healthier and grow faster. And A strand of hair is composed of mostly protein, which means your hair needs protein to grow.So healthy Hair: Protein Is Important.

  1. The heat is on

Different types of hair can handle different amounts of heat. If your hair is thin, it should not be exposed to heat more than 1300 C and if you are privy to thick, coarse hair don’t expose it to more than 2000 C Styling your hair at temperatures over 2000 C decreases the strength of hair by up to 50%. Hair styled at this temperature loses its vibrancy. To avoid this, use high quality styling products that let you adjust the temperature to match your hair type.

  1. The Drying Secrets

Towel drying your hair may feel good but it is not really good for your hair. Towel drying roughens up the cuticle and leaves it unprotected and porous.  A better way to dry hair would be to blot dry it with a soft towel or to use a blow dryer. Combing in the right direction is important. Back combing and teasing are not kind on the cuticle which could sustain permanent damage.


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