Method to care for tangled hair easy

Our grandparents often say “The teeth and the hair are the human root” is not wrong at all. It is not only the beauty of the appearance but also of our health. Each of us want to own a thick, shiny hair without tangling, and shiny teeth. The following ways can help you recover damaged and tangled hair.

Modern and busy life, polluted environment or you yourself try to change and try on many hairstyles, which makes girls worry when they have no time to care for their hair or hair is becoming thinner. As a consenquence, the hair is damaged with hair loss symptoms such as hair dry, easy to tangle and split ends. The following simple methods to apply will get your hair smooth and smooth as before!

  1. Do not use strange shampoo or conditioner

Do not mention the case that hair needs more moisturizer due to the chemical process, because girls normally have the habit of trying different shampoos after listening to advertisements from unreliable sources, though girls have not found out the ingredients of these shampoos. So, after a period of hair loss, you continue to use another shampoo with the hope of making hair beautiful again.

For the regular styled hair, exposure to chemicals causes more damage than normal. The advice for this is to give your hair a rest period between styling and times of a break of at least 6 months.

2. Provide enough nutrients

Do not underestimate the food you eat, because when you provide enough nutrients, your hair grows healthier. Proteins and zinc are essential nutrients for hair growth, which are found in meat, eggs, seafood and cereals. In addition, B and D vitamins in fish and bean sprouts also help to make the hair shiny.

3. Appropriate regime of rest and mode of living

You may not believe it, but stress also makes your hair grow unwell. When you are over stressed, you will have less time to care for your hair, and at the same time your body will produce damaging substances that will cause hair loss. So setting a reasonable rest regime and avoiding stress are extremely necessary.
4. Trim your hair every 3 months

Even getting a simple trim for your hair can work wonders. Cutting off those dead ends can really help keep the tangles away and leave your hair looking healthier and bouncier. And if you don’t feel like visiting your hair stylist often, you can try fixing those ends without trimming.

Busy life always make us worry much, which has bad effect on health and hair is also not an exception. Methods mentioned above are to help reduce hair loss, they are easy to do with cheap costs. You had better apply these methods combining with a healthy life style without too much thinking to have a healthy hair. Let try these methods and have a healthy lifestyle right from now to recover hair loss to have a shiny hair.


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Top 5 the Best Fruits For Hair Growth

The secret to a shiny and voluptuous mane is no longer just the result of using expensive hair products. To get rich, strong and shiny hair, you must follow a healthy and balanced diet. Fruits have always been a good source of vitamins and nutrients, making them a major constituent of healthy diet. It is therefore not surprising to know that fruits can enhance hair growth, strength, and quality, Especially for Vietnamese virgin hair. Given below are the top 5 fruits for hair growth. They can work wonders for your hair:

  1. Oranges

Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C that is an essential ingredient for healthy and shiny hair. Apart from its antioxidant properties, vitamin C also contributes in producing skin collagen and retaining Vitamin A and E. Besides being a storehouse for Vitamin C, oranges are also rich in beta-carotene, flavonoids, and magnesium that boost hair growth.

  1. Apples

An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but is also a natural remedy for hair growth. Besides being a sweet and delectable fruit, apples are the most natural hair growth boosters. This fruit has soluble fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that can do wonders for your hair and it is the presence of phenolic compound and biotin in apple skin that strengthens the roots and promotes hair growth naturally.

  1. Strawberries

Strawberries have always been the most sought after fruit by health and beauty enthusiasts for their nutrient power. They are a great source of silica that works as a key component to check hair fall and stimulate hair growth.  Additionally, strawberries also provide Vitamin B and C that aid in strengthening hair.

  1. Avocado

Avocados are one of the top five super fruits for hair growth.  They are the powerhouse of Vitamin B, C and E, and beta-carotene that are crucial for hair growth. These key vitamins in avocado ensure that the capillary walls get sufficient oxygen, hence promoting scalp circulation. The high fat content in avocado also makes it a great choice as a hair conditioner.

  1. Berries And Cherries

These fruits are a favorite of many; even kids relish eating these fruits that are rich in bioflavonoids, which naturally help reduce hair fall. This chemical increases the blood circulation in the scalp and keeps your mane thick and shiny.

Make sure to include all these best fruits for hair growth in your list of healthy foods. If you seek beautiful hair, skin, and a healthy body ensure that your daily diet consists of a healthy portion of fruit.


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top 5 vitamins for faster hair growth

Gorgeous hair growth starts from the inside out. Without a healthy diet, hair can become thin, dull and dry. So nourish your thickest, healthiest hair growth ever by eating a diet that contains the best hair growth vitamins. Read on to get the top 5 vitamins for faster hair growth in 2017.


As hair is made of protein, ensuring you have enough protein in your diet is crucial for making hair strong and healthy. If you are not consuming enough protein in your diet, your hair is likely to become dry, brittle and weak. Extremely low protein diets may result in hair loss. Choose chicken, turkey, fish, dairy products and eggs as excellent sources of protein along with vegetarian sources such as legumes and nuts.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron so foods high in vitamin C are good to eat in conjunction with iron-rich foods. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant so is used readily by the body. The best sources are blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya, strawberries and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen that strengthens the capillaries that supply the hair shafts.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed by the body to make sebum. Sebum is an oily substance created by our hairs sebaceous glands and provides a natural conditioner for a healthy scalp. Without sebum we may experience an itchy scalp and dry hair. Include animal products and orange/yellow coloured vegetables which are high in beta-carotene (which makes vitamin A) such as carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin E

The sun can damage our hair just like it can damage our skin so ensure you eat foods rich in vitamin E to provide protection for your hair. Nuts are nutritional powerhouses, providing zinc and selenium as well as vitamin E so try to include them as part of a balanced diet.


Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin. Too little biotin can cause brittle hair and may lead to hair loss. Include biotin rich foods such as wholegrains, liver, egg yolk, soy flour and yeast.


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Easy Curly Hair Routine

Anyone with curly hair has heard at least one person with straight strands lament, “Your hair is so pretty, I wish I had curly hair!” It’s meant to be a compliment, but having a good curly hair day is harder than it looks. Need some tips on how to care for your curly locks? Or just looking for some inspiration on how to change up your own routine? Watch the tutorial below to see how Vietnam goes from wet, stretched-out curls to dry, defined, voluminous frizz-free hair!

Step 1: Shower & Shampoo

One of the first steps to Vietnamese curly hair routine is to wash her hair using warm, but not scorching hot, water.

Hair care professionals recommends to use sulphate, silicone, and paragon-free products. The more natural, the better for textured hair.

Try using a scalp massaging hair brush when lathering on your shampoo – this helps stimulate hair growth and overall feels amazing on the head!

Step 2: Conditioner = Your Best Friend

Don’t be shy with conditioner, especially if you find your hair to be dry. You can really never use enough conditioner. Did we mention that we like conditioner?

Focus your conditioner on the mid-shaft area and down – this helps hydrate and add moisture back into your hair.

You can always place a little bit of product on the roots of your hair and face-framing pieces.

Rinse out conditioner with cold water to lock in the shine.

Step 3: Stylers & Rinse

Hair care professionals likes to use a styler in the shower while her hair is still wet. The best way to apply the product is to rake it through your hair and scrunch it in for extra volume.

Creams work well with Vietnam remy hair, however, she tries to steer away from gels as they can make her hair feel crunchy.

It is best to use a micro-fibre towel to dap your hair dry, as this type of material will help minimize frizz.

Step 4: Air Dry or Diffuser

If you’re in a rush and need to get out the door, we recommend to use a diffuser to dry your hair.

If you have the time, however, it is best to let your hair air-dry.

For extra volume at your roots, you can flip your hair within 10 minute intervals while you wait for it to dry.

Step 5: Finish Off Your Look

For the perfect touch, try using a shine serum or spray through your hair, preferably a product that is sulphate, paragon, and silicone free.

This will help eliminate fly-aways and help finalize and define your curls.

What do you think about Vietnamese curly hair routine? For our curly haired curls out there – what is one step you can’t miss in your hair routine? Let us know in the comments below!

You use oil but your hair is still dry

A lot of people might wonder why you are using oil for your hair but it is still dry. It is simple to understand that essential oil is not moisturizer. It is not surprising that people don’t know what moisturizer really is. We often think that oil is a kind of moisturizer but don’t know that the true source of hair moisturizer is water. As a result, while it is true that some oils like coconut oil hydrates your hair very well but in order to well moisture your natural hair, it requires water and water based products.
Oils can help you to see a better result of healthy hair only if you can use other conditioners in your hair care at the same time and in a proper way. Here is the way you should apply in order to achieve a better hair. First of all, parting our hair into some sections. Then apply water and conditioner to each section. After that, use a bit of oil at your choice to seal the moisture from the water, water based product in your strands. Last but not least you can use some cream to your hair as the final layer, set and style your hair as you wish. In this case, essential oils will help to hold your hair onto the water molecules. Then your hair will be fully hydrated.
But ladies, remember that each oil type is suitable and offers different effect with different conditioner and cream. For instance, coconut oil will create a dissimilar impact on your hair in comparison with olive oil or avocado oil. Likewise, do a research or read our former article to know what hair type goes with suitable oils then you will have an overview in choosing essential oils that meet your personal demands. A good example can be olive oil. It is considered to be a kind of oil with quite high density, therefore, it is not very suitable to light hair. If you use it with light hair, it will only flat your hair even more. One more thing that you should refer to is if you only use oils for your hair without setting it with conditioner, it will vaporize and leave you hair no nutrients at all.

As a result, essential oil can be used to keep moisture to your hair but it cannot do it by its own without specified conditioners.

Can you dye human hair extensions?

Human hair extensions can transform your look and allow you to change and try out new hairstyles.Vietnam Remy hair extensions are the longest lasting extensions, and can be worn for a year or longer. Some women who wear human hair weaves wonder whether it’s safe to dye their human hair extensions.

Yes, you can dye your human hair extensions!

You can do anything with human hair extensions that you can do to your natural hair. This includes dyeing, cutting, heat styling and chemically processing your human hair. Many weave wearers dye extensions to get an exact match to their natural hair color. Things to remember when dyeing your human hair extensions:

Do a strand test first. Even though you can dye your hair extensions, you should first test to see how they will handle the coloring process. Mix the dye as directed, then apply to one small strand or section of the hair. Take note of the end result before continuing to dye the rest of your hair.

Virgin hair extensions are the best type of weaves for dyeing. Because virgin Remy hair extensions have not been chemically processed in any way, they can be dyed with minimal damage to the hair. While it’s best to avoid overly harsh chemicals, virgin Remy extensions can be lightened or darkened as natural hair. Experts advise that you don’t attempt to dye non-Remy hair weaves. These hair extensions have been chemically treated, stripping the strand to its weakest. They are generally not strong enough to be dyed.

It may take multiple applications to lighten your hair extensions.To dye black extensions to blonde or light brown color, you must first strip the hair of its natural color. Then you must bleach the hair to the desired shade. This may take more than one try to get to the right color. As usual, do a strand test first to avoid ending up with a head full of orange locks.

Just as strong chemicals can strip and damage your natural hair, harsh chemicals can also damage your human hair extensions beyond repair. Vietnam Remy human hair weaves have the cuticle layer intact. This outer layer of the strand gives the hair its natural shine and body. By using chemical dyes that are too strong for the hair you can strip the cuticle, making your extensions weak, dull and brittle.

Vietnam Remy hair extensions come in a wide variety of colors. Weave hair extensions, lace closure and lace frontals, you can quickly and safely change your hair color in an instant.


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Blonde Hair Care: How to Maintain the Perfect Blonde Shade

They say blondes have more fun, but let’s be real here – caring for blonde hair can be a real hassle. Highlighted or coloured blonde hair can need a lot more protection than natural blonde hair due to the presence of bleach. In Summer, this need heightens as the sun, chlorine and salt, can damage the colour and break down its vibrancy and shine. It is therefore important that during the warmer months, you take the necessary protection to keep your hair from becoming damaged. Even if your hair is naturally blonde, make sure you keep it safe in the sun!

We have put together our top 3 tips to help keep your blonde hair the healthiest and most radiant it can be.

  1. Choosing a shampoo and conditioner

As many have learned in school, the shade purple is directly opposite of the shade yellow on the color wheel. This means that when the purple pigments within the shampoo are absorbed by your hair follicle, it then covers and cancels out any warm yellow tones within your hair.

To keep your blonde tress sparkling, we recommend washing your hair with purple shampoo at least once a week, and alternating shampoos throughout the week. If you find that your hair is super brassy, or becomes yellow fairly quickly, try increasing your usage. If you find that your hair is becoming too ashy, try decreasing how frequent you use this shampoo. You can also adjust how much you tone your hair by how long you leave your shampoo in for.

Keep in mind, purple shampoos are not really designed for cleaning your hair, so feel free to follow up with a cleansing shampoo if you find that your hair gets oily quickly.

  1. Keep your hair moisturised.

The presence of bleach in highlighted or coloured blonde hair can leave it dry and damaged. Even natural locks need essential care and protection to keep them looking radiant. To help bring dry brittle hair back to life, we recommend investing in a treatment mask once a week to ensure your hair is well moisturised.

Deep treatments/hair masks are a great way to restore the moisture stripped from your hair during the coloring process. Although you cannot undo the damage done in one step (wouldn’t that be great though?!) deep conditioning treatments are vital for colour treated hair, and are a great way to help prevent breakage.

3.    Protect it!

Protect it from the heat

That’s right, back away from the blow dryer! The less heat styling, the better! As you now know, lifting your hair color to achieve a lighter blonde shade requires for your hair cuticle to be stripped. Once the cuticle has been stripped, it makes it difficult for your hair to hold onto the nutrients your scalp produces; leaving your hair dry and brittle. Adding an excessive amount of heat styling to your hair, on top of the chemical process, can really damage and dull your shine.

If you are addicted to heat,invest in a leave-in conditioning spray to keep your hair hydrated,It adds a lightweight wavy texture to your hair without damaging the colour and causing dryness.

4. Keep it out of the sun

We know this sounds unfortunate – I mean who doesn’t love some sun! Sadly, overexposure to the sun is not only damaging for your skin, but also for your blonde hair. Harmful UV rays can dry out your locks, and turn your beautiful blonde shade a brassy shade of orange. If you are planning a fun day in the sun, we recommend bringing a cute hat along to protect your hair, and your skin, from the sun. If hats aren’t your thing, then opt for a UV/heat protectant.

There you have it! These three tips will help restore that lustre to your locks, and keep your hair looking refresh and healthy! What are some tips or tricks you have on maintaining your hair color? Comment below to let us know, we would love to hear from you!


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Keep your hair extensions in long lasting

Using hair extensions as the beauty hair tool has become popular in some recent year with a large number of users and requirements. Users always interested in the best hair extensions products which meet their requirement and bring them the beautiful effect in changing their looks. Besides, quality of the hair extensions is the important point that almost users concern. Then it is necessary to take care of your hair extensions to bring the best condition for human hair extensions product.

The first noticeable when taking care of your hair extensions is washing. Even washing is considered as the normal taking care actions, it can make the bad effect in case you wash your hair, especially your hair extensions in incorrect ways. If you add natural hair extensions as Vietnam remy extensions products which designed from 100% virgin human hair, the way in washing require less complicated than another kind of hair extensions. The reason is that you can treat the natural hair extensions as your existing hair. The key point in the wash is that you should wash your hair up to 3 times per week, and wash gently. Besides, providing moisture for your hair as using natural hair products can bring natural oil to your hair. Using conditioner is suggested for your hair extensions and your owned hair. However, apply conditioner without the hair only, except for the scalp.

The next point in maintaining human hair extensions in longer time is drying. It is suggested to let your hair dry naturally. In case you add natural hair extensions directly in your own hair, you can leave your hair dry in a natural way. Because human hair extensions as Vietnam remy hair extensions products having the same characteristic with your existing hair. it is necessary to get the hair extensions totally dry before applying to your hair.

The hair extensions can get damages as your own hair. If you apply hair treatment to your hair in the hair salon as color or dying, your hair extensions cannot last for the longest time as you expect. Therefore, even you can apply other beauty hair tools after applying for hair extensions; you should minimize the heat influence to your hair.  It is better to get away from other heat treatment or hard hair treatment.

Another consideration for users who apply hair extensions is about storage. Apart from hair extensions added directly in your hair, hair extensions need to be stored if you not using. Hair extensions need to keep in the suitable conditions places such as not much wet or much dry. The situation should be clean and do not affect directly by the sun. Make sure that you keep your hair extensions clean and tidy before storage. With the proper keeping, your hair extensions will have the best quality and create effective beauty looks for users.

To get the highest beauty effect from using hair extensions, it is necessary to get your hair in the best conditions. There are some tips for keeping your hair extensions that you can use them for the longest time that people should consider when they apply for hair extensions.


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7 Ways to Rock Rooty Hair – Trendy Ombre Balayage Hairstyles

Dying or bleaching your hair is all fun and games until it’s been three weeks since your last appointment and a quarter-inch of your dark roots is showing through your colored hair. Grown-out roots is a huge frustration in the life of every woman who dyes her hair. Going to a salon to get your hair colored is a time-consuming hassle, and it can be extremely expensive.

If you’d rather learn to embrace your natural roots instead of worrying about shelling out an extra $100 per month to get them dyed again, keep reading to discover seven ways to rock rooty hair.

  1. Try Beach Waves

There’s something about casually wavy hair that pairs incredibly with naturally dark roots. The two complement each other wonderfully and create a flawless casual look that is perfect for everyday wear. Create perfect beach waves by spraying a texturizing salt spray on slept-on hair and scrunching it. Use a curling iron to add extra texture if needed.

  1. Keep Your Hair Healthy

It is important to have healthy hair if you want your roots to look good as they grow out. If your hair is dry, scraggly, or has an abundance of split ends, your grown-out roots are just going to add to the uncared for look of your hair.

Keep your hair healthy by using a deep conditioner weekly and avoiding the use of heated styling tools as much as possible.

  1. Pull Back Your Hair

If you want to minimize the visibility of your grown-out roots, try pulling back your hair. By putting your hair in a bun, high ponytail, or other slicked-back style, you can make your roots much less visible. Your neglect of the salon will never be revealed.

  1. Create a Deep Part

Enhance the look of your roots by parting your hair deeply on one side. This style definitely emphasizes your roots, but it can be an excellent style choice. Choose a side and part your hair deeply there. Use styling spray or gel to define the part further and straighten your hair to finish the look.

  1. Start Transitioning

If you want to replace your dyed hair with your natural roots, go into the salon one more time to get help with transitioning from color to natural. Your professional stylist can help add lowlights or another color treatment to your hair to make your transition more seamless.

  1. Braid Your Hair

Braiding your hair creates texture that helps distract from the sharp contrast between your roots and the rest of your hair and make your natural roots look as though they blend more seamlessly into your colored tips.

There are many different styles you can create with braided hair. Try a side braid with your hair pulled back if you want your roots to be less obvious. Also, you can try a braid close to your hairline if you’re looking to embrace them rather than hide them.

  1. Build Confidence

If you’re going to try to rock rooty hair, confidence is key. If someone mentions the fact that your roots are visibly grown out (duh!) don’t shamefully agree that you need to head to the salon ASAP. Rooty hair can be a style choice just like anything else. But like any other risky beauty trend, you need to keep your head held high and stop caring about what other people might think.

The next time you feel dismayed to look in the mirror and find that your natural roots are visibly growing out, keep this article in mind. Use the seven ways to rock rooty hair in this post to learn how to save yourself time and money while retaining your confidence and loving your hair for how it is.


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6 causes of hair loss from your lifestyle

Stress and fatigue

The first factor of hair tangle that some girls or women suffer is long-term stress and fatigue. This may be due to increasing pressure from work and daily life. As for this case, the best method to against virgin human hair loss is to avoid over-stress and anxiety. In specific, you can engage in entertainment and sharing with others to release bad feelings and be more optimistic.

Unreasonable diet

You also need to have a healthy diet, do exercise every day to keep your spirit comfortable. Because food is a remedy which can help to soothe the spirit. Besides, food also supply more nutrients for hair. Vitamin H (also known as biotin H, vitamin B8), protein, B vitamins and minerals are likely to stimulate the growth of virgin human hair.

A typical case of unreasonable diet is women’ slimming diet, which makes them lack of minerals. They eat lack of red meat (beef, dog meat, lean pork) and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Lack of zinc makes virgin human hair less developed, hair strands become fragile, small, yellowish, not shiny, and tangled regularly. Zinc can ration the ratio of sebum as well as prevent some toxins, heavy metals, which gives us a healthy and clean hair. Zinc is abundant in liver, oysters, red meat, fish, and eggs.

Apart from subjective factors, other causes such as contaminated domestic water, overuse of hairdressing cosmetic also can make hair damaged and tangled.

Contaminated domestic water

When your domestic water source is polluted, your skin will be attacked first. While the scalp area is quite sensitive. Therefore, when finding out that skin has abnormal symptoms, you had better recheck your domestic water source you are using and immediately make recommendations to officer of your neighborhood.

Overuse of hairdressing comestics

With comestics for hair like hair spray, shampoo or detergent, these products contain many harmful ingredients for your virgin human hair. If you use them frequently, your hair will be damaged gradually and you can suffer from mass alopecia. This is currently the most popular cause of hair loss.

To prevent hair loss effectively, you should stop using cosmetics during the treatment process of hair loss. After completing the therapy, you had better limit your use and not abuse too much cosmetics for beautify hair.

Other different factors

Furthermore, hormonal disturbances, chemotherapy usage or postpartum (for women) are also responsible for hair loss. For these reasons, you need time to balance your body as well as supple natural nutrients to your virgin human hair.

The most important thing is changing life style and keeping comfortable spirit in order that your virgin human hair and body are always healthy. When you have good health, the causes of hair loss or health decline are not able to bother you anymore.


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