5 Sweet Braided Hairstyles for Girls

  1. Reverse Dutch Side Braid

Take a section of hair towards one side of your face and begin braiding this section into a reverse dutch braid.

Secure the braid at the end with a hair elastic. Pull on the braid to fan it out and voluminize the look.

Reverse Dutch Side Braid
  1. Fishtail Pigtails

Part your hair down the middle and section your hair off into two. Secure both sections of hair into low pigtails.

Fishtail braid each section of hair and secure with an elastic.

Fan out the braid to make it more full and voluminous.

Fishtail Pigtails
  1. Three-Strand Braid High Ponytail

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail.

Braid your hair in a simple three strand braid, and secure with a hair elastic.

Fan out the braid to make the look more full and voluminous.

Pull face framing pieces/baby hairs for a more natural look.

Three-Strand Braid High Ponytail
  1. Three-Strand Braid Bun

Pull your hair back in a high ponytail.

Braid your hair in a simple three strand braid.

Instead of securing at the ends, wrap your hair around in a bun and secure with an elastic.

To ensure the braid does not unravel, secure bobby pins in bun.

Pull out face framing pieces/baby hairs for a more casual look.

Three-Strand Braid Bun

5. Twist-Through Ponytail Braid

Secure your hair in a low side ponytail.

Add in another hair elastic about a quarter of the way down from the first hair elastic.

Create a hole through the section of hair in-between the two elastics,  and wrap the rest of your hair through that hole and downwards. Continue this step with another section of hair in the ponytail – you can leave it at two or continue all the way down.

Twist-Through Ponytail Braid

Secure with a hair elastic at the bottom.

Which hairstyle was your favorite? Do you have any go-to quick and easy hairstyles? Share them in the comments below!


5 Things to Know Before Going to the Hair Salon

When it comes to changing your hairstyle or color, most of us have a very specific look in mind. Something as temporary as a haircut or color can affect you in a very powerful way. What most people don’t know is that we, ourselves, can make the hair change process way more risk-free with a few simple basics. So to help you avoid a meltdown, we’ve put together 5 pro tips for you to know before going to the hair salon.

  1. Know your face shape

Every face shape has different hairstyles that suit them. Once you know if you have an oval, circle, square, or heart-shaped face, you can figure out what suits you best. The best way to figure out your face shape by looking at your jawline.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

If you live a very busy life and know you won’t really have time to do your hair, then consider a look that’s low maintenance . Consider a look that you can make you look good from just a hair wash and rinse.

Think of straigh Vietnam remy hair. It is a simple style that is full of layers, and gives you effortless volume to your hair. You will have soft, healthy hair, not tangled

  1. Go for a consultation

If you are still uncertain on what hair look will work for you, schedule a consultation with your hair stylist.The stylist can determine if the cut or color would work for your hair texture and face shape. Also, ask about the care and up-keep of the hairstyle to know if it would fit with your lifestyle. For example styles like straigh hair, wavy hair, curly hair or funmi hair. Be sure to really understand these terms before asking for the style. You don’t want to be disappointed with your finished look because you didn’t actually know what you were asking for in the beginning.

  1. Make sure you’re actually ready for a new hairstyle

Make sure to think about your new hair change before you make a spontaneous decision. If you’re not sure, ask your loved ones about the hair change. But don’t freak out, If you don’t like the new short hair that just cut it, Vietnam Remy Hair extensions are always there to help you out. You can have long hair again in no time!

  1. Be truthful

When your hair stylist asks about your hair history, be truthful about what you have used and use regularly. For example, if you have used boxed hair dye or have chemically straightened your hair. This will determine how strong of a dye product your hair stylist will be using for your color. If you lie and say your hair is virgin hair, there’s a possibility of very unwanted results happening.

Wish you have a beautiful hair!

6 Long bob Hairstyle Ideas

Have you heard of lobs? Lob is short for long bob. When a girl have a long bob, she have a mid-length hair or an over shoulder bob-like hairstyle. Lobs are popular around the world. They can be seen everywhere. The lob hair is one of the versatile hairstyles for girls. It is not too short to make pretty hairstyles; it is not too long to maintain. If you have your hair cut in lob now, you will not miss today’s blog.

In the post, you will find ways to style your lobs. From simple ponytails hair to complicated braided hair looks, you can find hair tutorials to learn.

Check the post out right away and have a pretty hairstyle with the hair tutorials.


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Homemade wavy hair with straws

Detangle your hair. Run a wide tooth comb through your hair to work out any hair tangles.

Splitting up your hair into smaller sections will make it easier to work with. Comb your hair out and away from your scalp and clip each section in place. Leave the first section you plan on styling loose.

Wrap the next strand around a new straw. Secure each new finished strand with a bobby pin. Work your way around your head until all of your hair has been wrapped. Keep the sections at a consistent size and coil pattern.

In the next step, let leave the straws in your hair until it is completely dry. Depending on your hair type, this may take anywhere from three hours to overnight.

Finally, carefully remove the straws. Free each curl one at a time. Start by unclipping its bobby pin. Next, simply unwrap your hair by rolling the straw in the opposite direction. Depending on your hair type, just unclipping the bobby pin may cause the strand to unwrap itself.

Well done! Now you will get the very lovely wavy hair by yourself but very easy as well. By the way, don’t forget to take care well the hair with good conditional for your hair! Hope you can find some good tip, in order to make you more beauty!


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Wet Look Hair – How To Get Haute Couture’s Hottest Look Right

How to nail that ‘I just got out of the shower but it’s totally high fashion’ vibe.

Sashaying down the Proenza Schouler and Maison Margiela couture week runways and appearing on red carpets everywhere, wet look hair is officially the high fashion ‘do to be working on your next night out out.

To the untrained eye it might look like you’ve just stepped out of the shower, but there’s actually way more to styling wet look hair than you might think.

Is it just water or does that dry? How do you keep it looking wet all day? Is gel back?? These are the questions of many people.

How To Do Wet Look Hair?

There are two ways of achieving the wet look:

1.Styling your hair straight from wet. To do this mix a little L’Oreal Techni Art glue and Redkens Outshine between your hands and smooth through the hair from front to back, comb through to get it all in place and finish by smoothing out the comb lines with your fingers.

ELLE Top Tip: Avoid any setting products, especially mousse – this will stop the ‘crispy at the roots and dry at the ends’ nightmare.

2.Fake the wet look. I love the old fashioned pomade by Layrite – it’s what rockabilly’s used to use back in the day and it still works brilliantly for this. Mix it with Redken’s Wax Blast and smooth hair back into place.

ELLE Top Tip: Place grips behind your ears to hold the look in place – if you keep it nice and tight behind the ears its not such a problem if the top and back starts to move a little through the course of the evening.

How To Style Wet Look Hair

1.The Slick Back

‘I think the slick back gives a super cool rock chic, greaser vibe, it’s edgier and more empowering – think Kristen Stewart before the buzz cut.’

2.The Side Part

‘I also love the side parting version, this gives real evening sophistication, think Karlie Kloss on the red carpet, it’s a great way to mix Hollywood glam and girl power.’

How To Do Wet Look Hair That’s Curly

‘Wet look curls are great. Scott Ade at Larry King recently styled Arizona Muse’s wavy hair for the serpentine ball, it’s a softer version and less harsh than poker a straight finish.’

ELLE Top Tip: Stick to the same rules as straight but ditch the comb and let your fingers do the work.

How To Do Wet Look Afro/Natural Textured Hair

‘The wet look is tricky on Afro hair as it’s super porous. I would suggest blow drying it straight and back off the face, adding the grips behind the ears and adding a good amount of Redken Diamond Oil to finish.


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Natural hair parting perfection with closure pieces

Your hair part is something that can become almost as intrinsic to your life as your name. Many men and women have been parting their hair the same way since they were old enough to comb their hair.  Changing your hair part will revolutionize your look. Best of all, there are also some great options that use human hair extensions for styling your part wherever you move it. Here are a few options for moving that hair part.

Middle Part

Many women don’t think they can rock the middle part, because they associate it with outdated styles from the 1960s and 1970s. The middle part, however, is quite chic and modern with the right hairstyle and an updated outfit. Heart-shaped faces wear the middle part well if hair is long. Individuals with an oval face or a high forehead also benefit from this part, as it brings out their best features. If you use hair extensions, closure works well for the middle part. This closure allows your natural hair to be exposed at the part line, and it is also versatile with other parts.

Deep Side Part

A deep side part works best with square or oval faces. Make sure you showcase your best side. Unlike a standard side hair part, a deep side part angles more dramatically to one side and is usually accompanied by side swept bangs that go across the forehead. This part is especially good if you have an angular face, because it will help soften the angles. Vietnam lace closures works well with the deep side part, because its versatility allows you to part your hair in any direction.

Messy Part

Sexy, beachy waves are an effortlessly chic element of summer, and often a not-so-perfect part is the best top for this style. Damp bamboo curlers or braids in damp hair can create these beachy waves, or use a flat iron to create shape before brushing and using product. Use the thin end of a comb with a handle to play around with your normal part, moving pieces of hair from side to side until you reach the perfect level of effortlessness. Base closures offer versatility for extensions.



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All about beautiful ponytails

Ponytails are a hair style that are not only trendy, but are a look that can be considered classy or laid back too. If you have shorter hair and would prefer to have a ponytail extension, well you are in luck! We offer ponytails hair extensions 100% natural vietnam human hair, silk, soft, shining and thin grain, no chemical, unprocessed, tangle free.

You might be wondering which ponytail hair extensions are appropriate to wear to a certain event. Perhaps you have a work event coming up, are going camping, or just want a ponytail hair do while going out with your girlfriends. Perfect locks will explain in this post what kind of ponytail is appropriate for certain events, which will help guide you in the right direction.

If you are headed to a work function or have a meeting the next day, wearing a  ponytails hair extensions similar to the ad you see on the right is both  appropriate and stylish. Use your shorter hair when creating a “mini” ponytail to create a bump at the top of your head while creating body. Then blow dry your bangs with a round brush so they are all set to go in the morning. During and after, depending on the products you need, use a variety of hair care products to style your hair. Purchase our Straight Human Hair Ponytail to create your instant work hair style. If you want your  ponytails hair extensions flipped at the end, simply use a curling iron or flat iron to flip up your ponytail’s bottom layers.

Heading out with your girlfriends for a night out on the town is always something to look forward to. You don’t want to over dress because you are with your girlfriends, but you still would like to look nice because you finally get some freedom! Our ponytails hair extensions wavy has interlocking that allow you to add a ponytail to your existing look. Ponytails hair extensions wavy symbolize fun, freedom, and independence.

If you even want a curlier look we also offer our ponytail hair extensions curly. Curls are appropriate for a fancy occasion, or even a camping occasion. The amazing thing about curls is that they dress you up or down. With our ponytail hair extensions curly, you can take your curls on the go. Forget about a curling iron!

Ponytail hair extensions are the perfect solution to creating a hair style that is easy to do and is very low maintenance. As we mentioned before, use your shorter locks to your advantage by hiding them under your ponytail by twisting them into a bun or short ponytail under your new curls, waves, or straight ponytail hair extensions do. Have fun during your night out with your new ponytail hair extensions!


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The ultimate summer hair accessory guide

Nearly one more month until summer is officially here. Are you ready?! We understand if you’re so ready for summer to be here already, because we’re getting excited too. Besides coming up with incredible hairdos, new silhouettes that you can’t wait to show off, and spending the best moments with friends, don’t forget about hair accessories! A hair accessory can be added to a hairstyle easy and compliment the most stylish of outfits.

A Classic Bow

No hair toolbox would be complete without a classic bow. Use a big bow or a small bow, and make sure it matches the rest of your ensemble. Choose something vibrant, so it matches your beautiful personality. This one is easy to put in your natural hair or your hair extensions, double it up for double the fun! You can never have enough bows with all of the flavors available.

Yoga Headband

Yes, summer is a great time to get your fit on, and what better way to go to Yoga class then by wearing a chic Yoga headband. And yes, we know what you are thinking. If your hair and hair extensions haven’t been washed — let’s say — for 5 days, a headband like this will be perfect to hide those greasy roots. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone your secret.

A Simple Headband

Nothing says elegance like a beautiful headband. It’s super easy to accessorize with it too, simply get a matching bracelet and you’ve made any outfit complete. Now, we couldn’t even begin to count the endless number of headbands we’d recommend, but to add one in all you need to do is pull back your hair extensions and slide it over. It’ll keep your hair in place and have you looking like the true queen that you are.

Wrapping a Scarf Around a Messy Bun

For some added style, try wrapping a head scarf around a messy bun. Not only will it add some colorable fashion to your hairstyle, it’ll become your go to style this summer when you don’t feel like doing your hair. A hair accessory can become your winning ticket to feeling beautiful because you’re trying something fresh and new.

Wrapping a Scarf behind Natural Hair

Looking for different scarf tricks? This one is easy for natural hair or if you have a weave hair extension. Simply pull you hair up a bit and wrap a nice silk scarf behind your head. You’ll have a simple, beautiful, elegant look in a matter of no time. This is a timeless classic that works with all hair types. You must try it!

Hanging Chain Headband

if you want to be Coachella fabulous,  try adding some hanging chains to your hairstyle. This is the perfectly dramatic enhancement to give you this free-bird feelings. You’ll need the following: A circular headband, silver and gold chains, jump rings, and beading pliers. It’s super easy to create this piece yourself. Make sure you whip up your own hanging chain headband, no summer is complete without it.

Flower Crown

You don’t have to live in the 70’s for this evergreen look. A flower crown makes you one with Mother nature. She’s beautiful, so you should wear her! It’s the most natural hair accessory ever, and you’d be missing out if you didn’t wear one every once in a while. This is biodegradable fashion with color and texture. It’ll be a big hit.

This summer is yours for the taking, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new hairstyles, accessories, and looking and feeling your very best. Try Vietnamese hair extensions add some volume and length for your hair and have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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Short Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

All of us are want to be the perfect one on the big day! When you’re a bride with short hair, finding the perfect wedding hairstyle is never easy. And since many hair stylists are used to working with long locks, they may need an extra push in the inspiration direction. My first reaction when it came to my intimate wedding was hair extensions. Most magazines highlight long, flowing hairstyles that make you wonder: “What’s a short hair girl to do?”

Well, short hair is just as a styles – and it sets you apart from the rest! I would say that the most important thing to think about when having short hair is hair accessories. Those are the things that will make you look bridal and festive.

Headbands and fascinators are hot right now – and a fabulous way to add drama to your locks. They are easily made by hand or can be purchased at any accessory store. They make a statement and highlight your hairstyle choice.

We have collected inspirational pictures of short wedding hairstyles. You can ooze glamorous touch to your short hair by styling your layers, bangs and fringes. If you happen to have chin-length hair, bedazzle it with a classy bun or a quasi updo.

Short Wavy Wedding Hair Style
Short Wavy Curly Wedding Hairstyles
Short Sassy Wedding Hairstyles
Short Pixie Cut for Wedding
Short Bridal Hair Styles
Elegant Short Bridal Hairstyles
Curly Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair with Flower
Short Wedding Hairstyle with Headband


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5 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair


1.Rustic braided hairstyle

If you have highlighted hair, you’re going to need to think about the impact it will have when you have your hair up, even if you’re only looking at having half of your hair up.


If the highlights are on the top of your head, your hair will look much darker underneath, so you might find that the style doesn’t really work with what you’re looking for. There are ways around this, of course, and it doesn’t necessarily mean looking at another wedding hairstyle entirely. You could ask your regular stylist to add a few lowlights, and highlights underneath the regular top-level of hair.

2.  Bohemian half updo with braids and flowers

If you love flowers, why restrict them to just table centrepieces and bridal or bridesmaid bouquets? Just one or two beautiful buds “stolen” from your wedding day flowers could make the difference between a beautiful wedding hairstyle, and an absolutely outstanding one.



This just goes to show that you can use larger flowers, and not just smaller sprigs such as baby’s breath, in your romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair. It’s not too much, ties everything in with your flowers all around the place, and just adds a little something really beautiful to your hair … don’t you think?

3. Messy braided updo

When you’re sitting down with your stylist for your hair trial, get a friend to come with you. You are going to want them to take photos of you from all different angles so that you have a good idea of what you’ll look like on the big day.


You’ll also have a chance to show your makeup artist the hairstyle you’re having, so the two can work hand in hand together. You should book your stylist about six moths before the big day, preferably longer, and the hair trial should be about 4 to 6 weeks ahead.

4. Messy fishtail braid

Fishtail braids use four strands of hair, rather than three, which instantly makes them so much harder to do than they are. Most people find these fishtail braids easier to do on their own hair than French braids, so if you’re looking for a way to save some bucks, consider doing your own wedding hair.


Again, it doesn’t take a lot of work, or practice, to achieve a simple look like this messy fishtail braid, and if you start early enough, you have plenty of time to practice. Two braids have been used to create this look – one at the top using the crown piece of hair, wrapped into a messy bun, and the rest braided, pulled out a touch, and then secured so that it falls down the back.

5. Super romantic

It looks like Disney princess hair, which makes it perfect for when you’re on the hunt for romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair. When you have length on your side, it makes sense to use it to your advantage.


You can achieve a million and one more looks than you would have been able to achieve with short hair, so perhaps it’s time to look at some of the alternatives to the free-flowing wavy locks that you traditionally see.

When it comes to your wedding day, getting those final details right is important, and often those are the details that get forgotten about in the midst of the big frenzy. Make sure that you leave enough time to get in a trial, and plenty of consultation chats, with your hair stylist.

Above all else, have a little fun. Let your personality shine through in your romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair. Hopefully we’ve given you plenty of inspiration to do just that!


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