FREE SHIPPING for order with any weight

FREE SHIPPING for Order with any Weight from 20 jan to 28 jan 
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Anniversary 5-year establish & developed of Vietnam remy hair company

      First Vietnam remy hair co., Ltd please send the most sincere thanks to customers, friends and everyone.

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     Vietnam remy hair co., Ltd has undergone 5years of existence and development. By energetic enthusiastic collaboration and prestige of all you across the world. Now Vietnam remy hair co., ltd confident stand on hair Vietnam market as well as hair markets worldwide.

      With the product line: hair weave extensions, ponytail hair extensions, hand tied weft hair extensions … and straight styles, wavy, curly, and the colors: black, brown, light brown, gray, blonde, ombre , light, dark, dark brown color …. #.

     For additional information about the product. you can fully access the website

     Welcome anniversaries 5 years of existence and development of Vietnam remy hair co., Ltd. We want to thank to our customers and friends who have engaged and interested Vietnam remy hair in recent years.

     Starting on 10/01/2016 Vietnam remy hair co., Ltd applicable payment services and new transport. We hope to bring one more satisfaction for you to cooperate with Vietnam remy hair.

  1.  For those customers who have ordered from Vietnam remy hair co., Ltd
  •  Payment by paypal: only 4% fee
  •  Shipping by ups: 20% discount shipping fee

      2.  With the first customer to Vietnam remy hair to place sample orders ( 100g – 2000g)

  •  Paypment by paypal: only 4% fee
  •  Shipping by ups: 35% discount shipping fee – 40%

     Now you no longer have to worry too much about the service fee for orders. Just put a little spending you absolutely can get hair extensions products with sufficient sample size and design of the Vietnam remy hair.

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      Finally Vietnam remy hair co., Ltd would like to thank all of you for visiting blogs.

 I wish all you a good day!

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