Top 6 best vitamins for straight hair extensions human hair

Vitamins not only play an important part in enhancing the health of the whole body but also keep your wavy hair extensions human hair healthy. A messy, dry, brittle hair certainly condemns an unhealthy lifestyle and a sloppy sense of superficial self-care. Here are some vitamins needed to help your straight hair extensions human hair healthy. Let’s see what vitamins it is?

1. Vitamin H.

One of the most important vitamins to be mentioned first is vitamin H. This vitamin is sometimes called biotin. In fact, your body can not store this vitamin.

However, it can be produced by living bacteria in the intestines. In addition, the University of Maryland Medical Center has shown that vitamin H deficiency is rare but it can occur if nutrient uptake is compromised by drugs and illnesses.


And when you are deficient in vitamin H, it makes the wavy hair extensions human hair dry and ugly. If you want your hair to become healthier, take the recommended dose of 19 mcg of biotin per day for adults and 30 mcg of biotin for the elderly.

In addition, you may consume more foods that contain vitamin H.

2. Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is important for whole-body health, including wavy hair extensions human hair. As vitamin C plays an important role in the production of collagen, it is beneficial for hair, nails and certain parts of the body. However, like vitamin H, the body can not produce vitamin C but the body is absorbed from the food.


When your body is lacking in vitamin C, you may experience symptoms such as hair thinning and drying, as well as slowing down the growth of wavy real hair extensions. Therefore, you should consume a variety of foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits such as orange, lemon and green vegetables.

3. Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is also included in the list of the best vitamins intended for straight hair extensions human hair. It is known to help relieve stress and maintain a stable mood. This will be an effective remedy for hair when the body is too stressful. In addition, it is one of the essential nutrients for calcium absorption, helping to maintain and improve nail health.


To increase the amount of vitamin D in your body, you should eat more foods such as salmon, swordfish, cereal or mushrooms, low-fat milk, and orange juice.

3. Vitamin E.

Just like vitamin C, vitamin E is also considered as a powerful antioxidant. This vitamin can help to reduce lipid oxidation as well as oxidative stress in your scalp. That helps to improve wavy hair extensions human hair growth.

In addition, vitamin E can help control hair from the root to the shaft, along with helping the hair to shine and shine. Thanks to the antioxidant properties, vitamin E can kill free radicals that damage wavy hair extensions human hair.


If you want to increase the amount of vitamin E in your body, you can consume vitamin E supplements about 15 mg per day as recommended by the National Institute of Health.

In addition, you can supplement directly from many foods such as nuts, wheat germ oil, corn oil as well as boiled spinach.

5. Vitamin A.

It is not surprising that vitamin A is also listed as one of the best vitamins for straight hair extensions human hair. We all know that vitamin A is good for the eyes. In fact, vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant called retinol.


This vitamin helps to produce healthy sebum, mucus secreted by your scalp. That can keep your hair from drying out. In addition, vitamin A can fight free radicals causing hair loss.

Foods rich in vitamin A include cod liver oil, peaches, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, spinach as well as a mollusk, meat, eggs, and milk.

6. Finally, Vitamin K.

When you consume enough vitamin K every day, it will help you deal with some problems such as broken hairs, drying hairs or weak hairs.

In addition, vitamin K is often used to care for your skin. This vitamin is very useful in the treatment of some skin diseases such as pigmentation, darkening, especially under the eyes.


To get vitamin K, you should eat more foods such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach, lettuce or bean sprouts.

Above are 7 vitamins to take care of wavy hair extensions human hair that Vietnamremyhair has learned. Providing enough hair for all the above vitamins will help you have healthy and beautiful hair. Thank you for reading my article today. Stay tuned for my next posts next time









This article I will continue giving you the other information about fixing your wigs (apply for the product made from human hair straight weave or all product made from human hair) when it has a problem.


1. Overview of wigs hair made from human hair straight weave


12 inch straight weave

Because wigs are popular items, it can be worn for any events or occasions in the year. However, this could make it broken after any event.

And in the worst case, you can’t use it anymore and must to pay the big money for new wigs and you know the cost for the product made from human hair straight weave is not cheap, very expensive if you want to buy the best straight weave hair brand. So fixing the hair as soon as possible is the most important work you should do if you don’t want to lose money.


14 inch straight weave

I always mention “specialized hair care products” in the last article, that it is mean, if you use a shampoo or conditioner suitable with wigs hairstyles, you will get a good result.

You can’t use the hair care products for straight weave hairstyles apply in steam curly, due to two product is different. With each hairstyle, you should choose the good hair care product so you can easily improve your old wig into any style that would style for this. You don’t need to do a complex way, just only need the simple but it is true.

2. Tips for wigs hair made from human hair straight weave.


“What is the best straight human hair weave” – will be the most questions from the customer. But in fact, the important questions you should research will be how should you take care of this product?. So Please follow our guide to get the best results:

  • Run your hand through the wig and sort the tangles that may be on your wigs.
  • Creating a solution mixture includes cool water and “specialized hair care products” then soaking the wig in the solution for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, rinse the wig thoroughly but for sure you do it gently.
  • Apply shampoo to clean cool water and repeat the two latter steps above.
  • Use a soft towel to wrap the wig. This technique helps to make the wig a bit more natural and tries to retain its natural look and style.
  • Dry it more using a towel and try removing any tangles or snarls in the wig. You should do it by your hand, don’t try combing it when the hair is wet. Let air dry it for approximately five hours.
  • Using the right comb, comb the wig to get the right hair flow for your wig before you decide to take any steps on how to style.
  • After you have done all the above steps, the wigs will be improved.

Now, depending on the raw material of wigs hair is it Human hair or synthetic, you can do some step to change other styles that you want to have. This can include curls, dying … You can refer to some information about the difference between synthetic fiber and human hair. When you have full information, you will know what should you do with your wigs hair.


















Do you know people think about the natural curly weave?


Beautiful natural curly weave will create confidence for a girl. At the same time, it also shows the personality of each person. In today’s article, Vietnamremyhair will mention everyone’s opinions about natural curly weave as well as some other issues related to it. Read and share with your friends and relatives, if you feel it provides lots of useful information.

1. what is natural curly weave?

The natural curly weave is a hair bundle, consists of curly hairs weave together based on modern technology. It’s not straight from the start and it’s naturally curly not to use any styling tools.

2. Origin has naturally curly hair.

According to research, curly or straight hair, thick or thin hair are inherited. The 2009 study shows that genetics determines 85-95% of the appearance of naturally curly hair in the next generation.

The cause of curly hair or straight hair is the structure of hair follicles. Hair shape and hair growth are caused by hair follicles. In addition, straight or curly hair depends on the structure of the protein in the hair.


Natural curly hair has an uneven protein structure. Simply put, curly hair has an uneven protein distribution structure (skewed), the amount of protein keratin is mainly concentrated inside angular bottom curves.

Because the hair is “curly” right from the bottom of the feet, natural curly weave owners often feel their hair is fibrous, dry and tangled. Perhaps it is because of this that many people complain about their ” difficult” when taking care of it.

3. How to take care of it.

3.1. Natural curly weave should not wash much.

Scientists have shown that people with natural curly weave should wash their hair less than straight hair. Because you wash your hair too many times a week, curly hair will be hard to keep in its original style. Although you use gel or cream, you can’t regain style naturally curly hair.

3.2. Using oil conditioner or wax will help hair develop better.

Good quality curly weave has a medium growth level, slower than straight hair. A study has shown that naturally curly hair using oil or wax will look better and grow faster. So you want a long, naturally beautiful, curly hair, a bottle of wax or oil conditioner will be the best products for curly weave.


4. Brush your hair properly.

Hair combing is a step to increase your hair straightening. After shampooing and conditioning the hair, it needs to be gently brushed from root to tip. In addition, you can use a combination of water or oil.
For dry and curly hair, you should do this for a long time. In particular, you should use a wide-toothed comb and soft teeth to comb your hair both reduce hair loss and reduce the friction between the hair and comb.



5. The natural curly weave comes from Vietnamremyhair.

5.1. About the product line.

Besides the most popular favorite hairstyles such as straight and wavy weave, you can find good weave in many Vietnamese hair companies. Besides many big curly hair suppliers such as Kinghairextensions, Vnremyhair, … Viennamremyhair is also a leading supplier of curly hair.

The natural curly weave is quite rare, so most curly hair products from us are steam curly hair. Curls you can choose for your weave hair extensions that can be curly or kinky curly. All curly weaves are made from 100% real human hair: No shedding, no tangle, and no smell.

Like all hair types from Vietnamese hair, curly hair extensions come in two natural colors: black and dark brown. In addition, we also provide many other colors such as color # 4 or ombre color # 43. Because the structure of curly hair is much weaker than that of straight or wavy hair extensions, you are dead to erase it to too bright colors like # 8, # 10, … If you deliberately do this Your hair is quickly destroyed and shortened to use.


Especially we bring you many different types of curly hair with sizes from 8 inches to 32 inches. This length is for all our hair and is similar to curly hair extensions. The most popular length customers like is from 10 inches to 24 inches. The length of the hair will be measured when straightening from top to bottom.

In addition, we offer best curly weave hair with both: single and double hair and have price lists suitable for retail and wholesale of each of them. However, we prefer more wholesale buyers. We believe you will get the best from us.

5.2. About the price.

Our curly hair products are selected by many customers because of reasonable prices. Most of our customers’ feedback says that our prices are cheaper than many other providers they have worked with before. So what do you worry about not choosing us as your hair supplier?

5.3. About usage time and the way care.

Usually, the hair usage time can be 1-2 years and it may vary depending on how you care. To keep your natural curly weave beautiful, take care of it properly. Don’t overdo the styling tools too much because the temperature will make your hair dried and tangled. Regularly take care of your curly hair with natural foods. Try to keep sticky your hair curly. When you don’t use it anymore, you should store neatly to avoid tangle or stretching.

Thank you for reading Vietnamremyhair’s natural curly weave article. Hopefully, after this article, you understand more about the product we offer.









Tips for choosing the right straight weave hairstyles color

A straight weaving hairstyle with beautiful colors contributes to the face of you become radiant. Currently, the trend of dyeing hair is no stranger to women. But, to choose for yourself a hair color suitable for the skin color as well as create accents for your face not everyone knows. If you are not familiar with hair color, please refer to the following article of Vietnamremyhair. We will show you some beautiful colors for straight weaving hairstyles and instructions on choosing the right hair color for your facial skin.

1. Beautiful hair color for skinned dark girls.

For those with dark skin, don’t hesitate to find a suitable color straight weave hairstyles. First of all, when choosing a hair color, you should choose bold hair colors to help brighten your skin and stand out more than your face. Here are 4 hair colors suitable for people with dark skin, find out what colors it is:

1.1 Chestnut brown, simple but charming.

A safe color suitable for dark skin girls for the first time to dye their hair. In addition to making your face look brighter, chestnut brown is also the dye easiest and most easily coordinated color.


Not only is it suitable for those who have dark skin, but chestnut brown is also not picky to choose hairstyles. If you combine chestnut brown with short straight weave hairstyles, it will give you a dynamic, personality. If combined with wavy to straight weave, curling or straightening, it looks feminine tender.

1.2. Color brown honey.

If you don’t want to be too safe with the color above, consider this honey brown. Honey brown with the characteristic gold color will create a smoother and shinier feeling for your straight weave hairstyles. This is also the color used by Korean and European American stars because it helps exalted skin color quite well.

1.3. Dyeing straight weave hairstyles color brown copper.

A color is said to be quite stylish for those who have honey cake skin, prefer to break a little. This color often blends with brown, red and orange, so you will never have a boring feeling.


However, we also have to note to you that the brown copper color has the disadvantage of not being able to keep the color for a long time, so when dye you should reduce the brightness to a little to avoid your hair turns yellow and becomes fibrous after a time of dyeing.

1.4.  Moss brown in color.

Mossy brown is not a familiar color, but it is also very suitable and makes your skin much brighter. This brown color, when in the shade is just a pure brown but when it comes to light, it looks brilliant. It is perfectly suited to stylish, passionate girls with bright colors, outstanding.

Suggestions for you are, the brown color is extremely suitable for the ombre dye, so why not make yourself new with this unique dye.

2. Beautiful color straight weave hairstyles for white girls.

For those of you who have white skin, this is a huge advantage, because it suits all color dye. With this skin color, you can freely break yourself with bright, striking colors or even dark colors without skin picks. If you are wondering how to choose a color the best straight human hair weave for yourself. Now, Vietnamremy hair will suggest 5 beautiful dyed color hair for white girls who are popular.

2.1. Color yellow honey.

This is a hair color that is said to be quite safe for those who first dyed or those who love simplicity and lightness. A golden tone is not too dazzling but it also gives you the warmth you desire. With this hair color, you can be comfortable with all hairstyles and extremely easy to coordinate.

2.2. Gray smoke color.


Smoky gray has always been the most highlights and popular hair color in recent years. Not as picky as smoky green, smoky gray will enhance the perfect appearance to shine in your own style. This color is also suitable for both men and women, your different hairstyle or style.

2.3. Hair red wine color.

Wine color straight weave hairstyles is a quite fashionable color for noble girls who love luxurious parties. With a distinctive red color, with a combination of red and brown shades, you will appear with a mature appearance and be polite but also have a personal feel.


And, the good news for you is that it’s hard for hairstylists to create the same wine color for two sets of hair because each hair has a degree up different colors up. Therefore, you will not worry about “not being able to stand out” when appearing at the same time with girls who also love color red wine like you.

2.4. Color moss smoke for straight weave hairstyles.

Up to the present time, smoke moss hair color is popular in Korea and is a trendy color with the perfection of beautiful skin.

This mossy smoke color is not too bright but not too dark, bringing newness and still retaining the gentleness and femininity of women. Especially, this hair color is perfectly suitable for gentle, feminine girls.

3. Suggest some beautiful hair color without bleaching.

3.1. Bright brown.

The first color on the list of beautiful hair colors that do not need to be bleached must be bright brown. This hair color has an advantage that makes your face much brighter and whiter. Besides, depending on the hairstyle, this color will contribute to highlighting your personality.

However, when choosing bright brown, you should also know its properties. This color is very fast to fade, can only keep color for about 1-2 months.

3.2. Hair color red-purple.

This is considered a popular hair color, a beautiful color without having to bleach. Purple-red is said to be suitable for all color skins and faces. A trick for you to try this color is not to dye too boldly, let it go to color up natural and when hair grows foot out, it will not be revealed too much.

Because this color also fades very quickly, you need to be more careful in using shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair color, not to fade hair quickly.


Above, are some colors suitable for straight weave hairstyles. We believe that through this article you have found the right color for your straight weave hairstyles. Thank you for reading my article, please continue to follow my next articles next time.









Do you want long, soft hair? But you have to wait at least 2 years to have long hair. While waiting for your hair to be as long as you want, you can choose for yourself the hair extensions. There are many different hair extensions. To choose the right hair extension that suits you on the market trend is very important. What is the hot Remy weave hairstyles on the market?


 1.Straight hair

 1.1 What is straight hair?

Straight hair is silky hair. This is a Remy weave hairstyles simple for easy styling. It is not processed through any chemical. Straight hair has never been outdated, it is a symbol of gentle girls
With two natural colors, black and dark brown, you look charming and luxurious. If you want to be younger and more active, you just need to dye another color, you will become more attractive
To avoid boredom, you can change its style to a variety

1.2 Vietnamremyhair’s straight hair

Natural straight hair is our strong product and it is the best choice for customers who are looking for straight Remy weave hairstyles because our hair is collected from a single donor in rural and mountainous Vietnam.


12 inch weave hairstyles

The curly weave hairstyle you can choose for your weave hair extensions like curly or kinky c

With a full cuticle, not processed, just wash and create weft before selling so it’s good for those looking for 100% virgin hair for bleaching, dyeing and restoring.
With naturally straight hair, length from 6 to 32 inches
With straight Remy weave hairstyles, you can make it wavy or curly with steam
However, you may find that hot weather makes natural straight hair often split ends, so we often have to remove hair before selling if customers require it.

2. Hair wavy

2.1 Do you know what wavy hair is?

Wavy hair is wave curls, which have a gentle shift like a wave. The length of each wave is very diverse, depending on the needs of each subject. Wavy Remy weave hairstyles create a flutter that gives a light feeling.
This hairstyle is the girl, especially the favorite star… The wavy hairstyle makes your hair flutter to help the girl look gentle and feminine


If you have thinning hair, perhaps this is your best choice because this hairstyle makes your hair more buoyant. If you own this hair, you can try ombre dyeing that will give you a smoother and softer feel.
With wavy Remy weave hairstyles, it fits the oval face because your face becomes lighter and more buoyant. When you have natural ripples, remember to take care of them carefully. For hairstyles, remember some principles:
Use shampoo and conditioner suitable for hair care
Brush your hair properly

2.2 Wavy hair comes from Vietnam Remy hair

Wavy Remy weave hairstyles are one of Vietnam Remy hair products. We offer natural wavy hair and steam from Vietnamese natural virgin hair.
Natural wavy style: It is made from natural wavy hair of humans
Wavy steam: It is made of wavy hair with hot steam so its design is more beautiful than natural wavy hair, including body wavy, deep wavy or loose wavy .. You can choose it for your hair weave extensions

3. Curly hair

3.1. First, you need to understand: what curly hair is?

Besides natural ripples, curly hair is also the hot hairstyle of girls today. As well as wavy hair at a floating level but curly hair looks more ruffled due to its curvature small and tight. With this hairstyle, it brings youthfulness and dynamism to you. Curly hair is one of the top choices of long-haired girls. It helps you not boring!
With different lengths of hair, proper curling styling is indispensable. Curly Remy weave hairstyles are not only suitable for long hair, but also for short hair that gives the girl personality.
Curly hair is usually more dry and tangled than straight hair, so you need to take care of it carefully after shampooing. You should limit how often you wash your hair, and use products to keep your hair moisturized. If your face is oval, you’ll fit this hairstyle.

3.2. Our curly hair

Besides the straight and wavy weave, you can find curly Remy weave hairstyles in Vietnamese Remy hair company.


The curly weave hairstyle you can choose for your weave hair extensions like curly or kinky curly. All curly weaves are made from Vietnamese hair: No shedding, no tangle and no odor with short to long size.
With a double weaving line and multiple weaving lines, it will be solid without peeling off during your use of the extension.
I hope that you will choose the right Remy weave hairstyles for you! Our company has the best cheap weave hair you can be assured of price as well as quality Thanks for the readings and interest in our article. Stay tuned and support our next articles. In the next article, I will give you much other useful information about hair






Tip to take care of wavy human hair extensions

My client often asks me how to take care of the wavy and beautiful hair extensions. The question here is how to keep the wavy hair extensions healthy without tangling. The article below of Vietnamremyhair will show you some ways to keep your hair extensions from falling, tangled and stronger.

1. The first step that you need to care about is way combing your wavy human hair extensions.

Make sure that you always brush gentle and properly as this can also affect your wavy human hair extensions. First, gather all hair together and must arrange in the same direction. Then, carefully brush out the wavy weave hair from the tail upwards towards the top.


Never brush the extensions when they are wet as this is when it is the most susceptible to breakage. Instead, brush them before washing or once they are to 90% dry.

The important thing to note before combing your hair is choosing the right comb. Do not arbitrarily use combs that are not suitable for your hair as this will cause your hair to lose a lot.

Usually, people use a wide-toothed comb or a soft tooth during the brushing process to keep the hair from getting tangled. Try to follow every detail to make sure you have the best wavy human hair extensions.

2. Next, you need to prevent tangles.

There are some simple ways to ensure that your wavy human hair extensions remain smooth and tangle-free. First, be sure to brush the extensions periodically throughout the day with a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush.


If it’s a particularly windy day, you can tie your hair up. Use some oil to prevent tangle: argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, … These oils have a very good effect in keeping tight wavy weave, hair smooth, improving hair tangling conditions.

3. Reduce Shedding.

The first and the most important step are to brush your extensions out before washing them or only once the hair is to 90% dry. This helps minimize the possibility of breakage and shedding during the washing and because when wet is the time the hair structure very weak.


Always be gentle when brushing your wavy human hair extensions and be sure to brush them before and after each use to reduce shedding and breakage.

Washing your extensions too much or using products that contain sulfates and alcohol will strip the hair of its natural oils which will likely cause them to shed. Additionally, using a high temperature when heat styling runs the risk of damaging the hair which can then cause breakage and shedding. This is why we recommend to only use the tool a low heat setting of 120C/250F.

4. You need to pay special attention to the problem of shampooing.

When shampooing your wavy human hair extensions, it’s important you hydrate them as much as possible. Since hair extensions don’t receive the natural nutrients and oils as our own hair does, it’s important to ensure that your hair extensions always nourished and moisturized by using alcohol-free shampoos and conditioners to avoid makes the hair drier and more prone to tangling.


We highly recommend applying a moisturizing alcohol-free conditioner before and after shampooing. When washing, be sure to handle the wig gently and do not rub hard. Especially during the shampooing so limited use a comb to comb because when the structure of the hair is weak, if you comb it a lot, the hair will be very shed.

Remember to shampoo the extensions in cold water at the end. After you finish, carefully squeeze water out from your hair and make sure you never dry your hair with a towel.

5. Color the hair.

For colored wavy hair products (eg # 4, # 6, # 8, # 43 …) after you buy it, you should not bleach it brighter. Because before you receiver your hair, it has undergone a bleaching and dyeing process. So, if you pick up a brighter color than the original color, the hair will become more and more fragile.


For colors of wavy human hair extensions you should only pick up the color # 6, don’t bleach brighter than. When bleaching the colors brighter than the color # 6, you use bigger heat using more chemical detergents to the brighter the color. However the more fragile the hair structure, the lack of shine and strength.

If you are not sure about the color of wavy human hair extensions being used, please contact us. Do not arbitrarily bleach hair, it will damage the hair. If you intentionally use the wrong color, your hair usage will be shortened.

Above is Vietnamremyhair’s tip on how to properly care for wavy human hair. I hope after reading this article, we have helped you improve some of the hair problems you are having. Please continue to monitor and support our next articles











8 Tips to Maintain Your Long Straight Hair

Keeping long straight hair extensions healthy and shiny does take a certain commitment. It takes longer to wash and dry and can be prone to problems if left unkempt.

The good news is that there are some easy tips you can follow to bring back health and shine. This helpful information will also be helpful if you are only just starting to grow your hair out.

Tip 1. Avoid Over-Washing Your Hair

One of the most important things to learn about long straight hair extensions is that you shouldn’t over wash it. If you’ve been used to short hair, the temptation is to shampoo it every time you get in the shower. If you do that with long hair, you risk drying it out, which will lead to breakage and split ends. If your hair feels brittle, and breaks easily when you brush it, that’s probably the cause.

Tip 2. Choose The Right Hair Brush

Your best choice is a brush specifically designed for long straight hair extensions, made from wood and bristles. Your brush should be quite soft and you should always brush your hair slowly and gently. Long hair can be prone to knots and tangles but being rough isn’t the answer. The best way to detangle your hair when wet, is with a wide toothed comb.

Tip 3. Keeping Your Cool

Long straight hair can also be damaged by excessive hairdryer use. Before you start blow-drying your hair, it’s best to apply a heat-protectant product. And try and avoid using the highest heat setting. The ‘cool’ setting will dry your hair just as well, without causing as much damage.

Tip 4. Avoiding Breakage

A rough dry towel can damage the hair shaft, causing breakage. The experts recommend using a microfiber towel and just blot and squeeze the hair dry, rather than rubbing it. For much the same reason, many people swear by using only satin or silk pillowcases, as they believe cotton is too dry for both your hair and your skin.

Tip 5. Natural Oils For Shine And Growth

Some of the best hair treatments are made from natural oils – and different oils suit different purposes. As with any natural oil treatment, the best way to use it for long straight hair is to apply it before shampooing. Take time to massage it into your scalp and hair, and then leave it for at least 30 minutes. Two to four hours is better.

Tip 6. Choose Your Shampoo Carefully

Remember, the type of shampoo and conditioner you choose will also make a big difference to the health of your hair. There are certain ingredients you really don’t want to see on your shampoo bottle, such as sulfates, formaldehyde, parabens and propylene glycol. These chemical-based products can cause dryness and damage to your hair and certainly won’t do any good. Instead, choose shampoos that contain natural ingredients, like nut and seed oil. Acidic ingredients are good, too, to give you the right pH balance.

Tip 7. Essential Herbs And Vitamins

In fact, there are quite a few home remedies you can use to improve the condition of your long straight hair. The herb is also excellent for hair growth, as it boosts blood circulation to the head and scalp.

Tip 8. Avoiding And Treating Hair Loss

The best four vitamins for hair growth are biotin, folic acid, vitamin D and the B Complex vitamins. Vitamin D is one of the most under-rated vitamins. Hair loss can also be caused by stress, grief, illness or by eating the wrong diet. Pregnancy, too, can cause your hair to fall out. But before you panic, hair loss can often be short-term and can be treated with the right vitamins and products.

Grow Your Best Hair Ever
If you do have long straight hair and you want to keep it looking good all year round, it will require a little work. But nobody ever said beauty came easily, right?

The good news is that whatever you do to improve your hair, will most likely be beneficial to your general health and wellbeing. So for your best hair ever, take those first steps today.
























Healthy, shiny hair is always a dream for all women, but not everyone knows how to take care of their hair is beautiful and modern. Especially in the summer, the heat and sunshine of the summer make the condition of hair deteriorate, split ends, fibers easily break and damage. So how to protect your Remy weave hair the best way? The article of Vietnam Remy hair below will help you get healthy hair as desired

1.Avoid contacting your Remy weave hair directly with the sun

When going out during the day, there are no sunshades for hair such as hats…, for direct exposure to the sun can cause hair burns, dryness and injury for a long time, not only The hot sun will make the oily skin dirty and uncomfortable.

Avoid contacting your Remy weave hair directly with the sun

So when you go out to shield your hair, you can also use hair care products that contain SPF to protect the hair from the rays UV damage. Besides, you can apply an extra layer of external hair serum, so that the air humidity will not affect your Remy weave hair

2. Don’t wash weave hair too much

Summer is hot and sudden showers. When the weather is so hot, it is easy to sweat and oil to the hair and when it rains, the humidity rises, it is also difficult to avoid hair tangle. Shampoo a lot is not the right choice when washing your hair regularly, it will lose the amount of oil and moisture that causes hair to become dry. Don’t let wet hair last longer or too many times so you should stop washing your hair continuously, it may be best to wash 2-3 times per week.

3. Shampoo for weave hair properly

Wash your hair or use shampoo incorrectly, hair problems will become more serious during hot summer days. In the hot summer, you should only use natural shampoo. This shampoo can help you clean your hair without losing your natural oil.
Don’t use hot water to wash your hair in the summer because when using hot water, the amount of water on your hair will evaporate more, causing your hair to become dry, frizzy and hurt your hair’s health. You should use cold water to wash your hair. After shampooing, use a soft cloth to wipe your hair and dry it. If possible, let your hair dry naturally.

4.Limit the use of hairdryers

If not really necessary, you should not overdo the dryer to dry your Remy weave hair. Although, hair-drying helps you to make styling easier and flatter, when used much it will cause hair to dry, lose the natural moisture of the hair, leading to split ends and breakage Let your hair dry after shampooing or curling your hair before the fan. If you really can’t stand it when you’re not using a dryer, you can use a special type of balm that protects you when you blow your hair

Note keep the hair gap and dryer from 20-30 cm and Only about 60-75% should be dried and then dried naturally will limit the possibility of dry, tangled hair.

5.Drink enough water

Hot weather working in Air conditioner makes the hair become dehydrated, causing hair to dry, break and split ends. Moving out of the sun suddenly, causing the temperature to change, the hair will be rough, hard, and easier to break. Don’t forget to drink water which is essential to provide moisture to your hair.

With Remy weave hair also needs to be taken care of like natural hair but different is it than they are not provided nutrients from head skin so it is necessary to limit the release of moisture to the hair by applying it to them like coconut oil and oil olive….

6.Have a reasonable diet.

One of the reasons for bad hair is an unreasonable way of hair care. Each hairstyle has a different way of care.

With straight hair, you just need to provide it with a moisturizing spray bottle, but for curly and wavy these hairs are easier to dry than you should apply outside with a layer of varnishes that looks like it will softer


16 inch straight weave hairstyles

Choose product  care suitable help you to have nice weave hair

You can take advantage of natural products at home to care for hair like bananas, aloe, honey, yogurt, olive oil … to make the extension more smooth.

With a few notes of Remy weave hair, I hope you find the best hair care in summer. A beautiful hair will help you feel more confident

Blonde Hair Care: How to Maintain the Perfect Blonde Shade

They say blondes have more fun, but let’s be real here – caring for blonde hair can be a real hassle. Highlighted or coloured blonde hair can need a lot more protection than natural blonde hair due to the presence of bleach. In Summer, this need heightens as the sun, chlorine and salt, can damage the colour and break down its vibrancy and shine. It is therefore important that during the warmer months, you take the necessary protection to keep your hair from becoming damaged. Even if your hair is naturally blonde, make sure you keep it safe in the sun!


We have put together our top 3 tips to help keep your blonde hair the healthiest and most radiant it can be.

  1. Choosing a shampoo and conditioner

As many have learned in school, the shade purple is directly opposite of the shade yellow on the color wheel. This means that when the purple pigments within the shampoo are absorbed by your hair follicle, it then covers and cancels out any warm yellow tones within your hair.


To keep your blonde tress sparkling, we recommend washing your hair with purple shampoo at least once a week, and alternating shampoos throughout the week. If you find that your hair is super brassy, or becomes yellow fairly quickly, try increasing your usage. If you find that your hair is becoming too ashy, try decreasing how frequent you use this shampoo. You can also adjust how much you tone your hair by how long you leave your shampoo in for.

Keep in mind, purple shampoos are not really designed for cleaning your hair, so feel free to follow up with a cleansing shampoo if you find that your hair gets oily quickly.

  1. Keep your hair moisturised.

The presence of bleach in highlighted or coloured blonde hair can leave it dry and damaged. Even natural locks need essential care and protection to keep them looking radiant. To help bring dry brittle hair back to life, we recommend investing in a treatment mask once a week to ensure your hair is well moisturised.

Deep treatments/hair masks are a great way to restore the moisture stripped from your hair during the coloring process. Although you cannot undo the damage done in one step (wouldn’t that be great though?!) deep conditioning treatments are vital for colour treated hair, and are a great way to help prevent breakage.

3.    Protect it!

Protect it from the heat

That’s right, back away from the blow dryer! The less heat styling, the better! As you now know, lifting your hair color to achieve a lighter blonde shade requires for your hair cuticle to be stripped. Once the cuticle has been stripped, it makes it difficult for your hair to hold onto the nutrients your scalp produces; leaving your hair dry and brittle. Adding an excessive amount of heat styling to your hair, on top of the chemical process, can really damage and dull your shine.

If you are addicted to heat,invest in a leave-in conditioning spray to keep your hair hydrated,It adds a lightweight wavy texture to your hair without damaging the colour and causing dryness.


Keep it out of the sun

We know this sounds unfortunate – I mean who doesn’t love some sun! Sadly, overexposure to the sun is not only damaging for your skin, but also for your blonde hair. Harmful UV rays can dry out your locks, and turn your beautiful blonde shade a brassy shade of orange. If you are planning a fun day in the sun, we recommend bringing a cute hat along to protect your hair, and your skin, from the sun. If hats aren’t your thing, then opt for a UV/heat protectant.


There you have it! These three tips will help restore that lustre to your locks, and keep your hair looking refresh and healthy! What are some tips or tricks you have on maintaining your hair color? Comment below to let us know, we would love to hear from you!


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